Hire Dr. Daniel Davids PT, The Traveling Physical Therapist, 

To Speak At Your Event

"Charismatic, Engaging, Passionate" 


Dr. Daniel Davids PT is an author, speaker, and educator of all things senior care related- especially on staying safe and improving quality of life.


Mixing his doctoral clinical knowledge, teaching background, and showmanship developed from years as an entertainer, Dr. Daniel Davids PT is a plus for your crowd of seniors, families of seniors, or healthcare providers. 


Dr. Davids has spoken on topics such as Balance and Fall Prevention, Improving Quality of Life in Seniors, Caring for Someone With Dementia, Arthritis and Chronic Pain, Sciatica and Back Pain, Pre and Post Surgical Joint Replacement Care, Posture and Body Mechanics, and much more. 

For more information on hiring Dr. Davids for a speaking event, please email him directly at Dr.DavidsPT@gmail.com